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10th Street reveals a bolder version of its flagship peated Single Malt Whiskey.

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Double distilled using all copper pot stills, and aged in first-fill bourbon barrels, just like the Distillery’s flagship peated single malt; however, the unique Distiller’s Cuts during distillation create a bolder and smokier, yet smooth single malt, designed to appeal to malt and peat lovers

10th Street Distillery, based in San Jose, California, has revealed two whiskeys, peated and non-peated to be “bolder and smokier” take on the peated expression.

nformation from the distillery indicates the first release of 1000 cases of this expression, bottled at 44% ABV and pricing around $55 per 750 ml bottle, are already available throughout California at a variety of liquor retailers. It has already garnered some industry awards as well, having won a gold medal at the Whiskeys of the World competition.

You’ll find some official tasting notes for 10th Street Distiller’s Cut below for your consideration from the distillery. As an interesting side note, distillery co-founder Virag saxena mentioned to a local newspaper that “custom Scottish peat and local microflora interact with water from the Sierra Nevada snowmelt and grains to create ‘a complex sourdough flavor’ that ‘lends a unique Bay Area terroir.’ The hot San Jose weather imparts its own unique aging properties.

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