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Who We Are

Whiskey Select's owned "Jaipur Single Malt Lovers Club" is a community of people passionate about whisky made with craftmanship and who believe in quality with originality of the brand. JSMC intends to offers distillery tours, tasting sessions, master classes, specialty glassware, customized gifting solutions and many more.

Scotland and many other European countries known to serve single malt whiskey over the centuries including Japan's renowned Yamakazi, Hibiki, and Suntory.

India is also on the world map and take its pride to serve its own Amrut Single Malt and Paul John Single malt whiskey first introduced in India.

We provide our members with the fun-filled, informative tasting sessions, blind tasting sessions, casual sessions to explore the flavours of different whisky verities and small batch master classes aimed to learning revolved around the genuine single malt whisky production, maturation and consumption habits with food pairing.

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Who Are We
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