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Oh boy, by now I’ve tried at least 25 of these undisclosed 1970’s Speyside malts. This is the seventh expression distilled in 1975. It’s bottled by Maltbarn who seemed to have access to some of the greatest casks in the series.

Speyside Region 1975 43 yo - Maltbarn

Nose: sunflower and linseed oils, with old paper, beeswax and hints of tangerines. Dried flowers and herbs, maybe a hint of marihuana and tobacco. Lemongrass. Whiffs of cider apple. Others have been fruitier, but it’s still great. Mouth: big (slightly fragrant) oak, dried flowers again, herbal tea and resinous notes. Cardamom. Dusty oak. A bright top note of citrus and passion fruit. Menthol. Finish: medium, very herbal, with oak, ginger and lemon oil.

Great whisky but to me this seemed more woody than some of its siblings: I couldn’t find the brilliant fruitiness that is so typical for this batch of casks. Spoiled, just spoiled.

Score: 91/100

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