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The Nectar is distributing Elixir Distillers bottlings in Belgium. They now have two exclusive releases bottled in the Single Malts of Scotland range: an Imperial 1996 and this Ben Nevis 1996. Two interesting distilleries, both with rather unique profiles.

Ben Nevis 1996 - Single Malts of Scotland for Belgium

Nose: lemon, lime and kiwi mixed with green tea, light minty notes, sage and pine needles. Then some chalky notes, concrete and moss. Waxy / greasy notes and linseed oil. Pretty excellent. Mouth: very oily, developing a wonderful fruitiness that is citrusy but also slightly tropical (passion fruits and mango). Moving to marmalade and herbal liqueur, quite a lot of resinous notes, limestone. Tiny hints of lipstick, mint, verbena and salt. Finish: long, oily and mineral, with herbs and sappy notes.

Another wonderful, idiosyncratic Ben Nevis. Recommend. Available from Belgian retailers like TastToe for instance. Around € 160.

Score: 90/100

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