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This Speyside Blended Malt is classified as a tea spooned whisky because the distillery can’t be named, but maybe the small manor on the label of this ‘Le Gus’t’ bottling hints towards another manor in a famous Speyside estate, responsible for the biggest part of this whisky?

Speyside Malt 1988 - Le Gus't

Nose: it’s the classic, dry, full-bodied sherry with tobacco leaves, walnuts and caramel brioche. Brownies, hints of hay, dried mushroom and burnt wood. Quite autumnal, very good. Mouth: quite punchy, still fairly dry on cigar leaves, roasted nuts, sandalwood and dark chocolate. Nutmeg and ginger. Plenty of minty notes and Seville oranges too. Leathery notes, tobacco and some charred wood in the end. Finish: quite long, on herbal notes, walnuts and oak.

Nice old-style sherry, although slightly on the woody side perhaps. If the distillery is what I think it is, then the price is fairly reasonable. Available from the Cave Conseil direct.

Score: 89/100

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